Pro-State Testimonials

A sampling of a few of the many testimonials we have received - Names omitted for privacy

"Massaging your body and your prostate and surrounding areas will increase blood flow, soften and shrink the gland, and relax surrounding muscles. An excellent device for self prostate massage is available from High Island Health." ~ Prostate 90 Foundation

via Post Survey Response

Before I used the massager I never seemed to empty my bladder but now more than half the time, I am completely relieved. It has been a life changer.

I can now drive longer distances before I have to use the restroom.

via mail

Dear High Island Health,

...I want you to know personally that the prostate massage product you introduced me to has the potential to save a life. I am 5 ll, 160lbs, slim, fit and overall a healthy 57 year old man. Yet for over 30 years, I have been bothered by recurrent painful sessions of the prostatitis that doctors prescribed antibiotics for, but had no idea what caused it or how to prevent it. It hurt to ejaculate, it ached not to. As I aged passed 50 the same thing started happening with urination. I could see my future going in the direction the other men in my family with prostate enlargement, cancer and horrible things doctors do to people with those difficulties.

While researching, I found out about High Island Health through the Internet. I was reluctant to call. When I finally did, the woman I got to speak with was way ahead of me. I did not know what to say but she was understanding , informative, and helpful. While I was not clear what my problems were, she had technical knowledge and explained it to me. It was not just your product but also the caring explanation that turned me toward HIH.

Thank you for helping turn my health in a better direction.

The PS-New produces greater discharge volume & more intense sensations; About three years ago I had a total hip replacement. That procedure required a urinary catheter. Some days after the removal, I was measuring urine out put and saw several small stones, about the size of a "buck-shot". I went to the urologist and upon examination for the source of these stones, he said the stones in the prostate are not that uncommon and that the catheter probably dislodged them. Enter the use of the PS-New. Shortly after removal of the PS-New I had pink discharge and then later when passing urine, I passed several stones, one being the size of a small pea. This stone however, was not round and smooth as the vegetable! Thankfully this event was rapid and almost pain free. My conclusion is that the use of the PS-New probably saved me from any future urinary problems. Hope this is helpful - B.B.

I have mush better stream; urgency is much less; I urinate less often; I use to have trouble making it to the bathroom in time and could not hold my urine. This is much better. BPH/Enlarged Prostate greater than 1 year Take prostate support; helps some HIH Pro-State massager really helps a lot!!! Thanks in advance for the new tube of lubricant.

I am thankful to have learned about and used the Pro-State Massager. it has been very beneficial even though I should use it more. For the first couple of weeks I used it about twice a week and then it was like I had a breakthrough with my prostate discomfort and things started to get better. I have found it to be the most effective treatment that I have used for my prostate problems so far.

I plan to step up my use of the massager. The amount of initial relief I got was quite impressive. I"ve been very busy this last week due to the holidays. After they are over, I have to try to use it daily, I believe it will do the job entirely. It"s quite a surprise for something that looks like a plastic hot pepper. LOL!!

I am a 37 year old man who has been suffering from ED for about 2+ years. During that time, my doctor had me on several antibiotics, which did not change any symptom. He said that I have prostatitis, and that the antibiotics wouldn't help. After a week and a half of using your product, it's like I"m totally back to normal. Why don't doctor know about this? I feel like I've wasted two years of my life.

Good product, helps to take control of my health without medications.

Your company may certainly add me to its list of satisfied customers. After using your product for only a short while, 1 month or so...I really did start to realize impressive results

I have been using the Pro-State massager and Silver Water for the past month. My symptoms have been pretty much totally eliminated. My ejaculate is more fluid and the volume/force has increased quite a bit. Using the massager is very pleasurable and I have used it several times during intercourse with impressive results. My urination and sexual experiences are simply amazing now and I have no discomfort at all since using the Pro-State massager. Thank you for inventing this little wonder!

I use it three times a week,Mon, Wed, and Fri. I can see an improvement in the frequency of needing the bathroom. Last night, I only had to get up one time. I don't know if sleeping through is possible at my age but I am optimistic with the success I have experienced to date.

"Finally getting able to sleep all night long."

Survey #151

"My prostate is enlarged and I would have pain/ discomfort while sitting. That has ceased & I have not had that for the last three weeks."

Survey User #140

"The more I use it, the more comfortable it feels. I noticed increased urine flow after using it. Glad Dr. David Williams recommended your product."

Survey User #136

In a 7 or 8 hour sleep period I was getting up to urinate 3 and 4 times now I only get up once a night and am really satisfied with the change.

Survey User #131

I suffer from mild pain and occasional bleeding of the rectum during bowel movements. It has plagued me for many years, but I've seen some improvement by eating a more fibrous diet and wiping with medicated pads. But now, having used the Pro-State Massager, I believe it may be the final piece in the regimen that will finally fix my symptoms for good... In fact, I haven't had any bleeding since the first time I used the Pro-State Massager. - A.C. (N.Y.)

BEFORE: Had sometimes urine burning once per 3 wks. roughly, Bladder partially cut off at right when bowels are full. POST: Dear Sirs, if you told me this device would be this effective I wouldn't have believed it. Congratulations on a great product! I am in my 5th year of hormone treatment which lowers my PSA temporarily but didn't reduce the enlarged prostate problems. I have searched the internet and found depressing stories of desperate men and their families. The vitamins I take build my immune system but didn't affect PSA or prostate enlargement. Yours is the first product to get me out of my recliner and back to my chores. My wife is speechless over the changes in me. Please take your product into major advertising and mainstream America. Thank you sooo much! - J.B.

When I purchased the Pro-State PS New Massager in June 2007 I was constantly having prostate pain. I would urinate all the time and I was constantly thinking about the pain. I started using it right after I received it. At first it was painful going in and coming out and even during the massage itself, but it wasn't long (usually used it two to three times a week) before I began to see improvement. Started improving within the first month. Inserting it and taking it out didn't hurt as bad and I found myself forgetting that I had an enlarged prostate. In fact I was able to stop using the product after about four months of use and felt great! I have noticed some return (which is due to stress) but I have no doubt that if I started using the Pros-state massager again it would take my slight symptoms away very soon. This is a great product, very easy to use and can drastically improve prostate health. I would highly recommend that anyone experiencing tension based or age based prostate enlargement to give this a try. If I knew then what I know now I would have spent hundreds of dollars for this thing. Doesn't seem like much when you get it in the mail, but believe me it will become a blessing to your life within a short time of regular use. Good luck, P.B (MO)

Sometimes I have experienced a slight sensation in the perineum but not enough to be considered discomfort. The frequency of urination has decreased. In his writings Dr. David Williams said that some men had described the Pro-State massager as a godsend. I fully concur with this opinion. A.A. (GA)

I noticed a marked improvement in my urine stream. Its much stronger and I'm not urinating as often. I will definitely keep using it and I will try to increase the frequency of use. I think that will help me even more. F.L. (OH)

I have seen improvement. I think symptoms will get better with more time. Also, many of my symptoms are due to an additional problem of overactive bladder/small capacity, and not necessarily due to only the prostate. It is definitely worth continuing. M.Z. (Ohio)

I have been using Pro-State massagers for approximately 3-4 years now. I have found all models of the Pro-state to be very comfortable to insert and all have performed exceptionally to massage the prostrate. They all cause a very good milking of the prostate gland and provide a pleasurable sensation when doing so. I have also noticed a need to urinate less frequently when I use the massagers on a regular basis of usually once a week. I have noticed no discomfort in my pelvic region at all, whereas before I used these massagers, I felt a slight discomfort of fullness in my testicles and pelvic area. Since using these, this has gone away completely. As far as I can tell, the quality of my life has greatly improved, as I have a feeling of relief and comfort after using the Pro-State massagers and I am in a happier mood. - J.F. (Nevada)

I was first diagnosed with enlarged prostate 20 years ago. The main symptom affecting my lifestyle has been the need to urinate frequently, particularly during the night, typically 3 to 4 times per night in recent years. Since using the Pro-State massagers (PS-2 and PS-New), the frequency of urination during the night has reduced to 0 to 1 times per night and the effective capacity of my bladder has increased from less than 200ml to 400ml. I am very happy with the results to date. C.M. (Australia)

Once used to using the massager, I find now that I am able to urinate more freely, much less frequently and I have regained the ease and satisfaction of ejaculation once again. This will be my second purchase. C.R. (United Kingdom)

What a blessing  The Pro-State has changed my life completely  I am considering stopping taking my flomax. W.A. (Indiana)

Dear *******,

Welcome to the club :( I had had mild cases of prostate infections over the years, but nothing like the one that sent me to the Dr. I could not sit down, was feeling ill and was really worried.

He put me on Cipro, motrin etc. I also started hot baths and got a massager. It took me a few tries to feel comfortable with the massager. But after a few times, it became easier to insert and felt more comfortable. Once I was comfortable with it in position, I could relax and begin the gentle prostate milking as described....what a relief the very first time! It felt so great...I got fluid out and felt for the first time in weeks, relaxed. I left the massager in for about 20 minutes afterwards and just breathed and relaxed. Repeated it two days later and got similar results. As you get more used to the massager, you get a little more brave and can use your annual muscles to almost aim the massager. You can really feel it push against the gland and help to release the fluid. I used the massager about every three days and after a few weeks, the gland returned to size and I felt much better. Still us it once in a while to keep things moving.

I think it was a combination of the medicine and the massage.

I was a skeptic, but the darn thing helped me.


[S]ince I have used the Patented Prostate Massager, all has changed.

I use the "devi[c]e" about two times, sometimes 3 times per week to drain my prostate and from what I can read, bring fresh oxygen to the tissues of the organ. I have to laugh here because I must say that it is the most pleasurable and satisfying medical things I have ever done for myself

I highly recommend this product, as a man that has had a chronic sexual problem that with the use of this product he does not have any more. It's as simple as that. Oh and my wife recommends it also.


I have a problem getting release during intercourse.

I can get to a peak, but then can't get over the top and orgasm/ejaculate.

I tried Viagra and it helped, but at around $10.00 a pill was an expensive option.

So I ordered the PSX, , and WOW! What an incredible experience, I would recommend this to everyone to try even if you don't have any sex problems.


From a Letter:


After my recent conversation with your customer service rep. Amber I thought a letter was in order.

I purchased my PS New in early 2004 and for the last 32 months my PS massager has been in constant use. Recently I had my prostate checked and the doctor said she had never felt a firmer, healthier prostate. She was mildly amused when I shared with her that most nights I don't even urinate once during 7-8 hours of sleep. When I told her about my larger, thicker penis from the PS New her jaw dropped. She asked if I use it during sex. When I did a replay for her, the amused look on her face changed to pure interest.

The sensations that the PS New produces is difficult to describe. The strength of my ejaculation surprised even my wife. The volume has increased also as has the frequency of intercourse and recovery for multiple attempts. My penis has increased in length also.

I will be 55 in 3 months and the overall function of my prostate continues to surprise me. My urine stream has so much force behind it that I think I'm a kid again. The old saying "piss like a racehorse" applies to me. In less than 3 years I've gone from facing exploratory surgery to a fantastic mind-blowing sex life.

Thanks for the inventors of the PS New is in order here. Thanks also to Amber for her ability to make me feel at ease discussing a sensitive issue.

Date: September 8, 2004 5:47:31 PM CDT
Subject: Thank You....

Wow sometimes you don't realize how bad things have gotten until they get better. I had forgotten what it was like to urinate without pain or restriction, and had learned to be happy when it wasn't killing me and only hurt a little. I never dreamed I'd reach the
point of "NO PAIN AT ALL" I have been dealing with prostatitis for over 10 years now following a bad urinary tract infection. Painful restricted urination and Ejaculatory pain had become a way of life. I've been to doctors, taken antibiotics tried herbs, stretching, and read everything imaginable, none of which have resulted in the relief I have experienced with the PS-New that I ordered only 3 weeks ago. My genito-urinary tract health has never been better.

I had actually learned to live with the urinary pain and restriction and had begun to think of it as a normal part of aging. It was the ejaculatory pain that led me to your product and produced within me the courage to stick something up my rectum. I must say it
takes some getting used to, but now that I've learned to

1. Use lots of lube....I mean lots of lube!!


2. Relax and go slow at first

It seems a lot less invasive. and the results have been out of this world. I'm just trying to get used to NOT wincing in pain its still hard to believe that the pain wont be there after 10 years. I could go on and on. I just felt it was my duty to add my testimonial to all
those others that led me to buy this product which has truly been an answer to my prayers. its only been 3 weeks so I will write you back in a few months and keep you posted on my progress. Thank you so much for this wonderful product.



p.s. please feel free to reprint my email

Subject: Results
From: "MJS"
Date: Fri, August 20, 2004 11:45 am

I have been using your prostate massager for almost a year. My psa has gone down, I
have more stimulation for sex, and colon toning is priceless, I know if Im not
regular that Im do to massage my prostate and this always brings natural results for
bowel movement.

PSA was small improvement but at 73 just maintaining the present level is a big


Patience is the answer, it doesnt happen overnite at least at 73.

"We (my wife and I) are in the middle of a sexual slump and can't seem
to get it back together. Must be a failing on my part because of
dealing with ED for so long...

For the last 5 years I have been having trouble with my prostate. The
constant pain, all of the trips to the urologist, all of the different
drugs and for basically nothing. With the Pro-State, I have no pain in
my prostate and am back to having erections, spontaneous and just when
I want or need one.

I have been using my Pro-State for about 7 months and seems
that I have turned back the clock and want to have sex everytime I turn


From an Email:

****Please find the following for anonymous your use on the website:

I have had the PS-NEW for about 2-years and it works very well.

In fact, I have had a clean bill of health every time I return to the Urologist for a check-up. This is an excellent product, which I highly recommend. I also must admit that regular Prostate massage with the PS-New is an enjoyable experience.

From An Email:

Evaluation Of Prostate massage device

Dear Patrick:

I have been using the Pro-State (PSNEW) massagers for more than a year now. Initially, I had some difficulty using the device because of extreme tightness. But, I continued to use the device several times a week and within a month began to notice drastic improvements in my overall health.

Some of the health improvements include:
 Better control of urination and less frequency
 Better erections
 Overall calmness and relaxation (fantastic tension releaser)
 Improved bowel movements
 Lowered blood pressure
 Clarity of thinking after massage

The Pro-State massager is far superior to other products in its class. Once, you learn the contraction techniques your body does the rest. There is no risk of damage when the Pro-State is used according to the directions provided.

I like using it first thing in the morning because it energizes my body and I feel great afterwards. Sometimes, I may use the device several times a day to relieve stress and tension.

Per our discussion I would like to become a tester for your products. I am willing to provide feedback on the effectiveness of your products.

Before, the Pro-State device all I could do was see a physician take medicine and watch and
wait. Now I can do something health positive to improve my health. Thanks to the
Pro-State Massager.


The device has helped so much. I was unable to achieve a satisfactory
erectioin without viagra before the device. With it I am able to get a
wonderful erection and maintaine it. It took some time and work but its
worth the effort.

From a letter:

I wanted to drop you a line and let you know about my experiences with my PS New which I purchased in January.

Let me first say this is not a toy or a butt plug. Kudos to the inventors. Gone are the frequent bathroom breaks both day and especially nights. Back are the nighttime erections and very peaceful feeling both during and after use.

I use my PS every 3-4 days and sometimes for up to 3 hours. When my wife and I have sex, I'll put in my PS New and it triggers fantastic orgasms and powerful ejaculations like when I was a teenager.

Thanks for saving me thousands of dollars as I no longer have need for doctors, surgery or pills. Now that I am over 50, I try to tell all of my friends about this whenever possible. My question is what will it be surgery or sex? Please include me in your field tests with any new massagers and use this letter on your internet site with discretion.

Thanks for helping me get my plumbing back!

C.Z., PA

May 16, 2003 via email:

From: (name omitted)
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 10:28:50 -0500
Subject: Initial Results

I am a male in my early thirties. When I was 25 I experienced my first bout of prostatitis. At the time I was given antibiotics and an outdated pamphlet. The problem initially went away, but six months later it came back. It continued off and on for the next six years. I had a cystoscopy performed (not fun), took copious amounts of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, drank brocolli juice (?!) and even abstained from caffeine, chocolate, spicy foods, alcohol, and other recommended "evils".

Despite all this, I still suffered from frequent urination and a constant state of "pressure" in my lower extremities. Some nights I would wake up 6-7 times a night. Finally, on my last visit to my urologist I was told that someday I may need surgery. It is then that I decided to finally purchase your massager. (Note: I had visited your site months ago, but felt that I had not reached the point where I was going to massage my own prostate. I did recognize the fact that my symptoms always improved after a visit to my urologist, in which a prostate check was performed.)

I could not be more pleased with the results. I have used your product for almost four months now, and am amazed with the results. I have slept through the night more times in the last four months than in the last six years! The constant "pressure" is gone and I can make it 3-4 hours without a trip to the bathroom. During bad times I used to go every 30-40 minutes! I thank you so much.

Being a Type-A male I was embarressed at first to tell anyone that I use the device, but even my wife now comments on how good the results have been. She should know, since I used to have to pull over to every rest stop during trips. And I can eat chocolate again. Thank you so much and may God bless your company.

November 26, 2002 via email:

First I would like to thank you for your product. The results have been, well amazing. I am now sharing this with all of my male friends (I am 52) who think I am crazy. Most of them would just like to deny that they have a prostate, keep taking drugs and keep on being miserable. Is there anyway we could have a message board on your site.

There are so many side benefits to regular use of your product I would very much like to have a forum in which to discuss these benefits and changes with other users.


October 11, 2002 via email:


As a 50 year old man with a history of semi-impotence and lack of penile sensitivity as a result of major penile surgery, I have done a lot of research on this and related topics. During this research, I came across your site. I am familiar with the relationship between the prostate and the sex organs, since it is only by massaging the prostate that I can achieve a good erection leading to orgasm. I have always suspected that massage is the key to a healthy prostate anyway and may prevent prostate cancer.

Not knowing which massager to buy, I purchased the lower-priced one.

Let me just say that as an enhancement - especially for guys with a lack of penile sensitivity - it is awesome. I cannot recommend this thing too highly. If you don't invest in one, it's your loss!! I have noticed tremendous improvement in the quality of my sex life and this has led to greater satisfaction in general. Feel at liberty to place this on your website along with my email:

May 28, 2002 via e-mail. Name and address withheld by request

In my late thirties I became aware that I was suffering the effects of mild prostate problems...I could not sleep a whole night without getting up at least once to urinate....I also found that my urine flow was not as free as it should be, and had an annoying post-urination dribble...I lived with this for a couple of years but then wondered what I could do about this without resorting to conventional medicine...I always feel it is better to resort to simple natural therapies before resorting to the medical profession with their standard response of drugs and surgery. About a year ago...I found ... the Pro-State. From the...web I saw that men with certain sorts of prostate problems were getting very good results from prostatic massage, a technique used by conventional medicine until the 1940s when drugs for prostate problems took over. The Pro-State seemed worth trying as it was simple, inexpensive and convenient to use. In practice it did good - a lot of good.

When I began using the Pro-State, the results were not immediate. In fact for the first day or two there was a slight feeling of bruising and urine flow was a little more restricted...This is reasonable while the prostate becomes used to the the unexpected manipulation. At the end of about a week of daily use the results did become apparent. Most graphically on a Saturday morning when I woke...quite it had been about 8 hours since I last went to the bathroom...Even at that point I did not want to go...there was no urgency...(until)11.30am! The other improvement is now when I urinate there is wide, free, flow with no back-pressure. My bladder empties more completely and there is little or no post-urination dribble.

Before I tried the Pro-State I wondered what it would feel like to use. Would it be unpleasant? Would it hurt? The answer was no to both. In fact the contrary. It is pleasant to use - even pleasurable, like a good back rub. Its use is actually personally gratifying - and gives you a warm feeling of well-being. It is nice, for once, to find something that is good for your health that does not have to be unpleasant or uncomfortable to use and really feels great!

I find the Pro-State most convenient and discreet to use when lying in the tub...I use the Pro-State once or twice a week depending on how I feel...Using the Pro-State need not be intrusive. After a while you can do the slow contraction, hold, and slow release without even thinking about it...At other times...more rigorous massage feels necessary... and...more physical effort...usually expresses more prostatic secretion than lighter Pro-State working which sometimes produces none, but when that is done regularly it also has beneficial effects. The length of time I use the Pro-State varies from anything between 5 minutes to 2 hours depending on what my body tells me...but an average session is 20 to 30 minutes.

There was another benefit of using the Pro-State that I was not aware of until I had been using it for a couple of really improved my erectile and genital function. When I started with this treatment I did not realize that poor erections and low-drive could be caused by a dysfunctional prostate. I had simply put it down to age and had prepared to live with it!

Considering the use of the Pro-State in general...for many others who suffer mild symptoms, prostatic massage is certainly an answer. For me, prostate massage has significantly improved the quality of my life, if only because I don't have to get up in the night to urinate! I think the Pro-State is an excellent product and would recommend its use to any man...even to someone who does not think he has prostate problems as it might be that giving your prostate a little care and attention may well put off...prostate problems of the future....At best prostate problems can be inconvenient. At worst they can be life-threatening. A device like this, or anything, that encourages men to be in touch with their prostate, and aware of its condition has to be beneficial!

In summary, a great product that really works and is well worth trying!

-Name withheld by request

July 11, 2002 via email:


Well it has been about 6 weeks since we last communicated. As promised, a brief status update. With BPH my goal was to reduce the number of trips to the washroom and reduce and/or eliminate the Rx (Flomax) use also. I am using the acustick/aneros 3-4 times per week for 10-25 minutes per session. I am much improved for visits during the daytime and 0-2 times per night.

I am one of those who has ALWAYS gotten up 1 or 2 times per night, so while the 2 might sound excessive it is NORMAL for me. I should mention at this juncture that the "2 visit nights" ocurred on 5-7 beers prior to retiring. Sometimes we just have to PUSH the envelope and TRY something else! The next step is to reduce/eliminate the Rx. At any rate I feel as if I am back to NORMAL.

Thanks again for the assistance and please keep me apprised on new developments.



May 30, 2002 via email:


Just a brief update on the acustick. It has been 2 weeks since receiving it. I started out with 10 minute sessions and have worked up to 30-45 minute sessions, 4-5 times per week. The reason for the purchase was to see if I could find a non-surgical non-Rx solution to BPH, which in my case has the very frequent urinating calls, some only 20 minutes apart.

Further, the night time visits were 3-4 per night. My night time visits are now 1-2 and the day time visits are also dramatically reduced. I still find myself going to the restroom during the day out of "habit" and then not having to go. Some bad "habits" can be broken.

I believe the original PS-NEW is better in length, although I believe it should be an inch longer and 1.5 to 2 times the diameter of the rest of the piece. The smaller version has a better perenium fit, but needs to be wider as it tends to poke and irritate. Perhaps the end could be shaped like a thumb.

All in all the results have been very favorable. Shooting for 0-1 night time visits and eliminating the Rx I am on. Thanks for all your assistance.


From a letter:

I must say that your device has worked wonders for my prostate problems. Ever since I was diagnosed with prostatitis, I have had to go to my urologist for frequent prostate massages since antibiotics alone would not cure my problem. Due to my prostatitis, I have been having problems with pain, urinary frequency, urgency, as well as an inablility to maintain a good flow. Your device has performed miracles! Like I have said, I have had prostate massages before, but I feel as if your perineal acupressure tab has added to the improvements in my prostate health. Now, I no longer have to go to my urologist for massages, and I feel that my urinary flow has improved substantially! Due to this, my sex life has also improved several fold. Thank you very much for this product.

via e-mail:

From: ****
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 17:06:42 -0700 (PDT)
To: (support)
Subject: pro-state


Thanks for your prompt reply to my inquiry.

As mentioned before, this is my second order. You have an innovative and worthwhile product,
and I appreciate your excellent service

In the event you compile a mailing list of customers who might be
interested in (e.g.) new products or other developments, I would
appreciate such information.

Thanks again

via e-mail:

From: ****
Date: Sat Feb 02, 2002 01:04:55 AM US/Central
To: "High Island Health"
Subject: RE: prostate follow-up

High Island,
I found this product by cruising the internet, and I ordered the PS New. I researched information on the internet before usage. In summary, one must make sure that the rectum is clean and use a good lubricant. I have used an enema syringe (8oz) and have used Wet light for lubrication. In the beginning, I used it 2  3 times a week each time for about 30 minutes. I have started to feel a very good sensation while massaging my prostate by using the Pro-State. After a few weeks, I now use it at least 3 times a week, each time for about an hour.

I am 55 years old, and I was not very active with my sex life. But since I have used the Pro-State, I have had a morning erection. This proves to me that this product is working for me. I am very happy with the results  keeping my prostate well and having a good feeling each use.

Thanks, Bob

via e-mail:

From ****
Date: Mon, Jan 14, 2002 11:08:42 AM
Subject: Prostate Follow-up

I bought the massager after being advised that prostate massage was often helpful in prostattis and other prostate issues. My PSA has gradually dropped from 7 to 3.8 what percentage is from the massage vs. the other things I do I can't calculate. In all events, things seem good.

Best for the new year,


via e-mail:

From: ****
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 07:19:49-0400
Subject: Comment

Dear Sir,
I have had chronic prostatitis since 1991. I had more than two recurrent infections in the first years before two became my average per year. I last had an infection in Sept. of 2000. I have used your device since then and have had no recurrent infections. I did have a microscopic semen exam recently and had no infection showing. I believe that prostate drainage using your device has aided me to rid myself of this frustrating ailment.

Thank you for your fine product.

CF, -Atlanta

via e-mail:

From: ****
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 22:19:39 GMT
Subject: Re:Questions About Pro-State Models

Dear HIH,
Thanks for marketing this wonderful device it has been a great relief for the periodic prostate pain which I used to experience. Please feel free to use my statement "It is a truly amazing device. It has really helped my prostatitis" as an anonymous testimonial of the device's effectiveness. I will be happy to supply an additional testimonial regarding the effectiveness of the PS-2 Fin and the PS-3 Fin after I have actually tried them.

Personally, I feel that the Pro-State is really one of the best men's health aids that is currently available on the market. Since the Pro-State enables prostate health to be maintained without the use of drugs, I would encourage anyone concerned about, or involved in the maintenance of prostate health to seriously examine the efficacy of this device.

Thanks again for your reply and consideration, and thanks most of all for bringing the Pro-State family of prostate massagers to the market!

Best regards,

-JM, Philadelphia

via e-mail:

From: ****
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 18:18:21 -0700
Subject: Pleased Customer

Just got the "NEW" model yesterday, and was initially disappointed at its appearance: too small for sure.

I was wrong. The product is perfectly sized and beautifully designed. My congratulations to all who produced it. The accupressure tab is a wonderful innovation. I haven't been this pleased with a similar device in years!

I'll be watching your site for future products. Well done!