Pro-State Massagers

The Pro-State massager was invented as a tool for self massage of the prostate and perineum through use of the sphincter muscle. The Pro-State's innovative, patented design provides for the simultaneous application of pressure to both the prostate and perineum using the body's natural contractions of the sphincter for an effective prostate massage. Within the anus, the anal sphincter accurately guides the Pro-State towards the prostate gland, while the perineum abutment pushes up against the perineum. Prostate massage is most effective when pressure is applied simultaneously to both of these areas.

Pro-State Prostate Massagers Image


  • The Pro-State enables effective, hands-free, self-massage of the prostate and perineum conveniently and hygienically within the privacy of your own home.

  • Since the Pro-State is driven by the anal sphincter's contraction alone, the pressure placed upon the prostate is safe and sufficient, and gradually increases as the exercise progresses. Prostate massage that is too vigorous or aggressive in approach can be uncomfortable or harmful to the prostate itself. The Pro-State is designed for safe, effective, worry-free prostate massage.

  • The contraction and the relaxation of the anal sphincter proves to be good exercise for toning the genitourinary tracts of the human body, which results in better health and improved overall performance.