Peristal 4 Step Complete Plan

Although the Peristal can be purchased and used individually, the 4-Step Complete Plan is what we recommend for attaining optimal results. The 4 Step Plan includes all 4 Peristal sizes and helps to achieve the desired long-term results that the Peristal is designed to accomplish. This plan is the complete way to exercise and massage your lower pelvic region.

Due to the vast amount of nerve endings and muscles in your lower body systems, small variations in the sizes of the Peristal generate different feelings and effects. The 4-Step Complete Plan starts out with the largest model, the 22mm (Step 1). As you start to exercise and build your pc-sphincter muscles, your muscles will be able to achieve greater control and grip, thus allowing you to advance to the 20mm (Step 2), 18mm (Step 3), and eventually the 16mm (Step 4). Similar to toning and conditioning any other muscle in your body, having a gradual program to tone your anal rectal system is the safest and most effective means to achieve optimal muscle tone.