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Innovative, truly creative research & development has been the first and foremost reason that we continue to improve the lives of thousands of customers around the world every year.

We take age-old Eastern ideas and means for promoting health and apply modern scientific research, technology and thought to create entirely new and natural tools.

Prostate massage has long been known in Asian countries as a way to promote sexual health and general well-being. As recently as a few decades ago, prostate massage was still a fairly common way Western doctors would attempt to reduce the symptoms of prostate conditions. A man would visit his urologist every few weeks for a session to relieve congestion in the urogenital region. However in recent years doctors who administer prostate massages are becoming fewer and farther between. Medication can be an effective way of helping men, and prostate sessions can be uncomfortable for the man and doctor. This holistic approach has been largely replaced by antibiotics and surgery, yet in Asia prostate massage is very common, and it is no coincidence that Asian men have the least incidents of prostate problems.

Our products use time-tested mechanics applied in the form of self-administered tools and are patented worldwide, the only ones of their kind.