Our Approach

High Island Health was formed in 1997 in response to a growing demand for new treatments for chronic prostate problems. Since then, we have helped to improve the quality of life for thousands of our customers. We believe that total health is achieved through a combination of conventional, Oriental, and alternative medicines.

The basic principle that drives the development of our products is increasing blood circulation. Good blood circulation thoughout the body is a key determinant of how healthy a person is. If you've ever had a massage for sore shoulder muscles, it is the increased flow of blood to the region as a result of the massage that helps soothe and repair those muscles. Prostate massage works on the same principle.

Ideal For Prostate Massage

Our Pro-State Massagers are designed specifically for prostate massage. Each Pro-State massager is a hands-free mechanism which allows you to easily and effectively massage the prostate. At the same time, the arm of the Pro-State presses against a therapeutic pressure point on the perineum. This point, which is derived from Asian medicine, is beneficial for good prostate health. The Pro-State combines these two processes into one sophisticated method.