Peristal® FAQ

What is the Peristal Hemorrhoid Massage Device?

The Peristal® Hemorrhoid Massage Device is an ingenious invention that is patented. It is precisely engineered to be effective with a minimum amount of inconvenience and a maximum amount of privacy. Similar to the Pro-State line of prostate massagers, the Peristal is easy to use and provides a soothing after effect. Unlike the Pro-State, the Peristal can be used by both sexes because it specifically utilizes the body's peristaltic responses.

What is it made of?

The Peristal® Hemorrhoid Massage Device is made of a strong and resilient type of medical-grade plastic polymer that is FDA-approved for body and fluid contact. Under normal conditions, it is virtually indestructible.

What size is it?

The Peristal® Hemorrhoid Massage Device comes in 4 different sizes. They are all about the size of your finger and are roughly 4 inches long (~10cm) with an insertion of roughly 3/12 inches (~8.8cm). The largest diameter of the Peristal® is roughly .60 inches (16mm) .

Why are there 4 different sizes?

The anal-rectal area contains a wealth of nerve endings and muscles, making it one of the most sensitive areas in your body. However, most people do not usually exercise their anal rectal PC-sphincter muscles. Thus, the Peristal is designed as a 4-step plan intended to assist users in exercising, toning and conditioning their anal PC-sphincter muscles. Due to the wealth of nerve endings in the anal rectal area, the 4 slightly varied yet distinctive sizes of the Peristal will generate vast differences in results.

Is it difficult to insert?

Like the Pro-State line of prostate massagers, the Peristal® Massage Device is designed for comfort and ease of operation. Although the presence of hemorrhoids will cause the anal tissues to be more sensitive than usual, the massager is designed specifically for easy insertion and will provide a soothing, healing feeling after each use.

What distinguishes the Peristal® Hemorrhoid Massage Device from other alternatives?

The Peristal® Hemorrhoid Massage Device is the only device of its kind on the market. It is precision-engineered to 1/1000 of an inch and is based on the physics of Einstein's Theory of Relative Motion. Each model of the Peristal® Hemorrhoid Massage Device is based on a design that includes several patents, therefore no other device is or can be manufactured that functions as well as the Peristal® Hemorrhoid Massage Device.