Warranty Policy

What is the HIH warranty policy?

Upon approval, HIH massagers can be exchanged for a replacement.  Discontinued products are not eligible for a warranty replacement.  HIH products are warrantied against all defects.  Defects can be, but are not limited to broken pieces, scratches, dents, and deterioration.  The original product must be returned to HIH in order for the replacement to be shipped out.

*The entire device, plus any broken pieces, must be returned together to claim a warranty. The item must be cleaned and placed in a clear bag.

How do I claim a warranty?

To submit a warranty claim, the Customer must email support@highisland.com for a Warranty Approval Form. This form must be included in the shipping box, however, please do not place this form in the clear bag with the device.

What voids the HIH Warranty?

HIH products that have been modified by the Customer do not carry the HIH Warranty. If the instructions on the HIH Warranty Form are not followed, HIH reserves the right to void the HIH Warranty and disposal of any items received will be left at the discretion of the HIH Support Team.