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High Island Health is an emerging developer of alternative medical products designed to improve the quality of life for those suffering from prostate ailments and hemorrhoids.
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Prostate Massage / FAQ

Q: What are the dimensions of the PS New, PS-X and PS 2?
A: The dimensions of the PS New are approximately 1 inch in width by 4 inches insertion length; the PS-X is 3.75 inches in insertion length by 11/16 inches in width; and the dimensions of the PS 2 are approximately 0.95 inch in width by 3.5 inches insertion length.

Q: What is the difference between the PS New and PS2?
A: Neither model is inherently better than the other. Rather, each has certain advantages which may appeal to any given individual.

The PS New is slightly longer (4 inches in length), and extends beyond the prostate gland to apply additional downward pressure and to massage the seminal vesicles, which aids in the production of seminal fluid. It is also slightly thicker (maximum diameter is one inch) than the PS 2. Some people prefer the extra length of the PS New, but it is a false assumption to think that the extra length is required to reach the prostate gland.

The PS 2 is slightly shorter (3.5 inches in length) and slightly thinner (0.95 inch maximum diameter) than the PS New. The Acupressure Tab (front arm) has also been moved back closer to the shaft of the device. Many people consider this location to provide better external pressure and to be a better fulcrum point for the internal portion of the massager. The smaller size also make the PS 2 easier to insert and easier to move internally due to less friction.

We generally recommend the PS 2 for men who are 5' 6" or shorter in height, but this is due to a general correlation between height and body size, not between height and location of the prostate gland. We also recommend the PS 2 if the prostate gland is extremely enlarged, or if other conditions exist that would make insertion difficult.

We generally recommend the PS New for men who are 6' 0" or taller, or those who desire a slightly more aggressive massage.

Q: What about the PS X?
A: The PS X is our newest model, the result of years of research and development. We applied feedback from our customers with new design methods to create the newest member of the Pro-State line. The PS X has 3 new patents applicable to the design. The PS X has a more sharply angled head compared to the PS New and PS 2. This feature, coupled with a large bulbous head, allows the PS X to place more direct pressure on the prostate, giving the man a more aggressive prostate massage. The PS X is recommended for both the beginner and advanced user. It is also good for men of moderate hieght, between 5'7" and 5'11".

Q: How often should the massager be used?
A: We have no set standard frequency recommendation. It varies from person to person and according to each condition. Urologists generally suggest a prostate massage 2 to 3 times a week at 20 to 30 minutes per session. However, we have received reports of use for hours at a time. We simply recommend usage that is most comfortable for you.

Q: Does insertion/removal hurt at all?
A: Pressure is mild and you should feel little or no discomfort if you are relaxed - mentally and physically - and use a high-quality lubricant. We recommend a water-based lubricant.

Q: Are there different sizes of Pro-State for different heights and statures?
A: There is a general correlation bweteen height and body size. Thus, although any of the three models would generally work for any size, the PS-New is better for men of taller stature (5'11" or taller), the PS-X is recommended for men of moderate size (5'7" to 5'11"), and the PS-2 for men of shorter stature (5'6" or below), or if they have a severely enlarged or sensitive prostate.

Q: Are there any risks associated with using the Pro-State Massagers? How safe is it?
A: If used properly, there are no known risks associated with using the Pro-State Massagers.

The Pro-State is made of medical-grade materials, safe for body and fluid contact. Unlike other massagers that use external forces (battery operated or even strong manual force) the Pro-State takes advantage of the natural contractions of the anal sphincter to effect its movement.

Q: Where is the perineum?
A: For most people, the perineum acupressure point is a dime-sized soft spot between the anus and the scrotum- 1 to 1 1/4 " from the anus toward the base of the scrotum. The pressure added to any place in this area is helpful to develop healthy prostate and sexual functions. Though accuracy improves effectiveness, it is not necessary to stick with the spot. With practice, you will learn what feels best for you.

Q: How soon will I get results?
A: Some get results the first time they use it. For others, it may take time and practice using the massager. While most of our customers have reported good to excellent results with use of our product, a few of our customers have reported little to no results. There are many different variables that may account for this apparent lack of success. Most likely it is due to lack of experience, patience, and/or practice.

Q: I always thought that the proper way to massage the prostate is from both right and left sides, in towards the median. How does your device accomplish this side to side, towards the median movement?
A: The Pro-State massager mainly massages up and down along the center of the prostate when operated by the anal muscles. Manually, you can pivot the back handle from side to side to massage the left and right lobes of the prostate. The strength of the massage given by the Pro-State is mild - far less than the pressure of a manual massage provided by your urologist. The best results are achieved over time, which the urologist frequently does not have.

Our products have been found to sometimes help release two to six drops of prostatic fluid during an exercise. However, the actual purpose of our product is not to release prostatic fluid. Again, the pressure to the prostate given by the device is not strong enough. The real goal of our products is to help stimulate and massage the area's tissue.

In addition to improving circulation, the Pro-State massages an acuspot on the perineum along with the prostate gland. It is this key feature that seems to have differentiated our device from simple prostate massages.

However, just as prostate massage is not effective for some people, the Pro-State also does not work for some people. Every individual is different, and the real cause of the efficiency of our product is not yet fully understood. It works under a principle combining both western and eastern medicine and has had phenomenal results.

Q: Is this just a sexual gadget or does it really work for an enlarged prostate?
A: This is not a toy. The Pro-State is a device invented and patented under the category of surgical devices, internal pressure applicator for releasing congested prostatic fluid for non bacterial prostatitis. Although tit is a great therapeautic tool for prostate massage.

Effectiveness cannot be guaranteed for everyone, but most people who have chosen to try this device are happy they did.

As with many health decisions, we always recommend one to seek the advice of their physicians before use and for any other health related questions.

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Scientific research has been published on the health effects of prostate and kegel massage, but because our products are not medical devices, federal law requires us to state: (1) The FDA has not evaluated the health claims of prostate or kegel massage; (2) These products are not intended to “diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease,” because only a drug or medical device can legally make this claim.
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