Try it, don't be shy

Discuss HIH's new Peristal hemorrhoid massagers and how they can help you alleviate the symptoms of your hemorrhoids.

Try it, don't be shy

Postby Grandtiger » Fri Dec 12, 2008 6:17 am

Further to my previous thread, "Hemorrhoid treatment - what a treat" I am very happy :D to report that my hemorrhoid has never returned since it was completely healed about three months ago.

I have continued with almost daily treatments with the smallest sized Peristal, using it for an hour or so in the evenings, keeping it in overnight and then treating myself again for half an hour or so in the mornings. You may think that is a lot of treatment! You bet it is!

Let's not be shy about this! First of all, hemorrhoids are very common and nothing to be embarrassed about. This is the place to talk about it. Secondly, I'm not ashamed to say that the Peristal treatments are intensely pleasurable which is all the more reason to keep on doing them. The exercises with the Peristal strengthen the walls and muscles in the rectum and greatly reduce the risk of getting hemorrhoids again. My naturopath is very enthusiastic about it after seeing what it has done for me, especially as it "doesn't hurt!"

Consider the MD approach: choke the hemorrhoid with an elastic band until it withers and drops off, or surgically remove it. Both these methods are equivalent to "fixing" a bulge in a hose by cutting the hose on each side of the bulge and capping the loose ends! Obviously the water no longer gets delivered to where it is needed! Cutting off the blood supply to any part of the body is crazy. Much better to heal the hemorrhoid so the blood can keep flowing so everything will continue to function properly.

If the hemorrhoid is clotted, then large doses of bromelain and application of DMSO gel will dissolve the clot in a few days so the blood can start to flow again. Then the Peristal massages will help prevent the hemorrhoid from becoming clotted again while it is healing. Use pure coconut oil as a safe and very effective lube. Never use a lube that is not edible!

The best way to perform the Peristal treatments is to lie flat on your back and begin slow anal contractions as you breath slowly in and out. It may take a while to get used to before becoming pleasurable, but believe me, practice makes perfect! As the weeks have gone by I'm not shy to tell you that the pleasure has intensified to levels I never thought I could experience and live to tell about it. I now refer to my treatments as "hourgasms" which are vastly more intense than "traditional" orgasms and just keep going and going!

It took about five years for HIH to perfect the design of the Peristal for the treatment of hemorrhoids and get it into production. But because many found the Peristal so intensely pleasurable, HIH also market the same device as the Peridise on their Aneros website.

"Bottom" line is, hemorrhoids or not, the Peristal is wonderful for good health and pleasurable beyond words. Try it, don't be shy!
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Re: Try it, don't be shy

Postby Emane » Thu Jan 01, 2009 11:50 pm

Thanks, I will follow your advice.
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Re: Try it, don't be shy

Postby Laram » Sun Nov 22, 2009 6:01 pm

That is, definitely, not my stuff.
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